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5 Simple Ways to say Thanks

In a few weeks the USA will celebrate one of their most treasured traditions – Thanksgiving. To me, the idea of a whole country setting aside one day a year just to say thanks is amazing. I am sure the life-affirming and relationship-building effects of that one family day resonates throughout the year.

I also think that such a celebration affects the general thinking of the whole population. While we were in the USA, filming for our documentary, we were struck by how many people seemed to more fully understood the value and power of gratitude compared to what we notice in Australia.

I wish for a day when the whole world celebrates the good stuff with a day of thanks…….  and, while we wait for that day, here are some ways to say thanks you might like to use in the meantime:

5 Simple Ways to Say Thanks.

1. Write

These days getting any sort of handwritten correspondence is quite rare and it is this reason that my favourite way to say thanks is to write a short note, a card or even a letter.   I also love that people can re read the card or letter later on and  they can further savour what you wrote.

Alternatively, write in the sand, photograph it on your phone then email it.  I got this pic in my inbox from my daughter Hailey.

 2. Praise Publicly

Spread a little good gossip and get public with what someone has done for you.   If it is an employee of a company that has served you well you might think about contacting their boss.

 3. List it

Make a list of the nice things they have done for you over the past years.  Write it out on nice paper and post it.

 4. The little gift

Surprise them with a little gift.  You might like to check out this great list 30 Frugal Gift Ideas to Show You Appreciate Someone

Alternatively it is easy, quick and cheap to surprise people with little notes.  Tuck one in their pocket, bag or car to be found later. For family you might be able to hide on in their lunch box or bedroom.

5. A good look

Look straight into their eyes and tell them what they mean to you or, if that is a little too full on for you, say something like “The world is better because you are in it.”


Enjoy finding ways to share your gratitude with others, we would love to hear what you did so if you want to share please post about it on our Facebook.

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